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You have a parallel job that based on operational recoverability requirements needs to be broken

up into two separate parallel jobs. You have decided to use the Data Set stage to support this job

design change. What two characteristics of Data Sets make them a good design consideration in

your jobs design change? (Choose two.)

A. They sort the data in a staging area.

B. They automatically convert data types.

C. They persist the parallelism of the job creating them.

D. They use the same data types as the parallel framework.

E. They persist parallelism into a temporary repository table.

Answer: C,D



Suppose a user ID has been created with DataStage and QualityStage component authorization.

Which client application would be used to give that user ID DataStage Developer permission?

A. DataStage Director client

B. DataStage Designer client

C. DataStage Administrator client

D. Information Server Web Console Administrator client

Answer: C



A retail client requires that alerts generated from an IBM BladeCenter chassis and blade server be

forwarded to their help desk for action. They do not use SNMP or a systems management

program. How is the AMM configured so that the alerts will reach the client\’s help desk?

A. Forward DMI alerts to the help desk

B. Send the alerts to the help desk using email

C. Forward the alerts to the IBM Systems Director Management Server

D. Send the alerts to the client\’s AIM

Answer: B


The effective use of naming conventions means that objects need to be spaced appropriately on

the DataStage Designer canvas. For stages with multiple links,expanding the icon border can

significantly improve readability. This approach takes extra effort at first, so a pattern of work

needs to be identified and adopted to help development. Which feature of Designer can improve

development speed?

A. Palette Layout

B. Repository Layout

C. Snap to Grid Feature

D. Show Performance Statistics Feature

Answer: C



Companycom is installing a p5 595 with AIX 5.3. The DLPAR option for the resources cannot be

selected on the HMC menus. However, the daemons are running on both the HMC and LPARs.

Which of the following is a prerequisite for DLPAR functionality?

A. The resources must be unallocated in an LPAR

B. The microcode on the pSeries must be current

C. All network adapters on the LPAR must be defined

D. Network connectivity and name resolution capability between HMC and LPARs

Answer: D