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An administrator is attempting to remove a virtual adapter from an AIX partition using an HMC running

V7R7.2. The DLPAR operation is failing with the following message:

“Virtual adapters that are marked as required cannot be dynamically removed from the partition. Please

change your adapter selections and try the operation again.”

How can the administrator remove the virtual adapter while minimizing any downtime?

A. Remove the virtual adapter from the partition profile and reactivate the partition.

B. Modify the active properties for the partition so that the adapter is not required for partition activation

and repeat the DLPAR operation.

C. Modify the last activated partition profile so that the adapter is not required for partition activation and

repeat the DLPAR operation.

D. Select the \’Force\’ option when performing the DLPAR operation.

Correct Answer: C


During a migration the system is mistakenly IPLed. The data migration is successfully resumed and completed.

When the administrator runs the RSTAUT command, no authorities are restored.

What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The RCLSTG command was not run before the data restore was resumed.

B. The storage management directory was overlayed as a result of the IPL.

C. The INZSYS command was not successfully run before restoring authorities.

D. The private authority table loaded by the RSTUSRPRF command was automatically deleted by the system IPL.

Correct Answer: D


Why would XML developer choose to convert XML documents to HTML on the server side?

A. Client web browser support for XML differs from browser to browser.

B. The load on the server due to conversion will increase with each additional client.

C. Server-side processing ensures quick response time.

D. Validation of the XML is not one of the major concerns.

Answer: A


A storage specialist wants to create a fixed-block volume in the extent pool P10, in rank group 0. Which of

these volumes cannot be created?

A. 2001

B. 2B00

C. 3A01

D. 5E00

Correct Answer: B


An IBM Business Partner has sold a DS5020 and new IBM SAN switches to replace a customer EMC

storage infrastructure. The customer dissatisfaction has arisen during the installation because according to

the DS5020 interoperability matrix, two HP Proliant servers running Exchange have FC HBAs that are not

supported. Which of the following is the most probable cause of the customer dissatisfaction?

A. The EMC storage specialist has not participated in the TDA meeting

B. The FC HBAs are 4 Gbps technology

C. The Technical and Delivery Assessment review actions were not executed

D. The customer should have checked that the HBAs are supported according to the HP storage

interoperability matrix

Correct Answer: C — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass