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An administrator needs to see the system assigned job number and percent of processing unit time attributed to all jobs currently running.

Which steps should the administrator take to accomplish this?

A. WRKJOB JOB(t), option 3 to display job run attributes

B. WRKACTJOB and press P11 two times to Display Thread Data

C. WRKSYSACT INFTYPF(*JOBS) and press PIO to update the list

D. WRKSYSSTS and press P19 to display Extended System Status

Correct Answer: B


What is the purpose of the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 pdbackup action

restore command?

A. to list the contents of a pdbackup file

B. to selectively restore files from the contents of a pdbackup file

C. to restore the contents of a pdbackup file to alternate locations

D. to restore the contents of a pdbackup file to the original locations

Answer: D



A customer requires an infrastructure to support disaster recovery of critical applications between two

remote data centers. One data center is in Tokyo and one is in Beijing. The customer\’s Recovery Point

Objective (RPO) requires a six-hour window for a bandwidth of 100 MB/s and a new storage system for a

total of 4 TB of data. They estimate 100 MB of new data produced hourly. What data synchronization

method would be recommended to meet the requirements?

A. Metro Mirror

B. FlashCopy

C. Global Mirror

D. Snapshot

Correct Answer: C


A just announced two-port Ethernet card has been installed on a system and it is not recognized.

On the HMC the slot shows empty. The device driver has been installed and cfgmgr runs

normally. What is the most appropriate action to solve this problem?

A. Update the HMC software

B. Update the system firmware

C. Re-install the device driver

D. Flash update the two-port card

Answer: B


A customer has an IBM i server that hosts web services and uploads files to other Internet-based servers.

An administrator needs to add IP addresses to host additional web services, which must pass through the

firewall. The firewall has a rule restricting traffic to specific IP and MAC addresses.

What is the most appropriate method for the administrator to use?

A. Create virtual IP addresses for each of the additional services.

B. Create traditional IP addresses for each of the additional services.

C. Purchase additional Ethernet cards.Create Ethernet lines for those cards.Configure the IP addresses on those lines.

D. Create a virtual LAN (VLAN) and place the new IP addresses on that VLAN.Enable IP forwarding in CHGTCPA.Add a route in the firewall to the new addresses.

Correct Answer: A