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Companycom has been performing scheduled backups of their data to tape using “tar” in a script

for over one year with no problems. Recently, the tar command is returning a non zero return

code during the backup phase, causing the script to fail. What is the primary cause of this


A. The files have grown to over eight gigabytes in size

B. The file systems are corrupt, and fsck should be run

C. The tape block size has been changed from the default

D. The user\’s limit has been changed to less than eight gigabytes

Answer: A


What two features distinguish the Operations Console from the Director job log? (Choose two.)

A. Jobs can be started and stopped in Director, but not in the Operations Console.

B. The Operations Console can monitor jobs running on only one DataStage engine.

C. Workload management is supported within Director, but not in the Operations Console.

D. The Operations Console can monitor jobs running on more than one DataStage engine.

E. The Operations Console can run on systems where the DataStage clients are not installed.

Answer: D,E



Companycom is planning for a 64-way p5 595. The plan is to use Virtual IO Servers and

micropartitioning. What is the maximum number of partitions they can allocate?

A. 128

B. 254

C. 320

D. 640

Answer: B


A company has a human service that enables a business user to select an employee and view the

employee\’s list of clients. Review the human service diagram snippet and Review Employee Clients coach.

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The first component of the Review Employee Clients coach with label Select an Employee is a coach view

named Select Employee, which is properly configured to fire a boundary event. Assuming that the Select

Employee coach view\’s Business Data and Configuration Options are specified properly, what does the

BPM application developer need to specify so that the Client List table is populated once an employee is


Within the coach view\’s:

A. view event handler, specify this.context.trigger()

B. view event handler, specify this.context.refreshView()

C. change event handler, specify this.context.trigger()

D. change event handler, specify this.context.refreshView()

Correct Answer: C


A company has acquired another company and is consolidating data centers. During the consolidation,

half of the users of a business critical application lost access. The users who maintained access

experienced slow performance. What is the first action the SAN/storage administrator should take to

determine the source of the problem?

A. review SAN configuration, connectivity, and zoning

B. review application parameters for contention or tuning problems

C. use internal disk monitoring tools to determine the problem source

D. check the disk parameters in the OS setup on the systems

Correct Answer: A