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A banking company has deployed the Application Center for internal use. Before users can see the mobile

client application in the list of available applications, which property of the mobile client application must be

set to true?

A. Label

B. Package

C. Installer

D. Recommended

Correct Answer: C


A healthcare customer has an IBM System i server and an HP-UX server. They have high performance I/

O, image-based, and archival applications. The customer has asked the IBM team for guidance on IBM

DS8000 disk technologies. Which DS8000 disk technology would provide the best performance without

regard to cost to meet the customer requirement?

A. 73 GB 15k and 300 GB 15k drives

B. 73 GB SSD and 2TB 7.2k drives


146 GB 15k and 300 GB 15k drives


146 GB 15k and 2TB 7.2k drives

Correct Answer: B


When can a Data Replication Domino be created from the WebSphere Application Server V6

administrative console?

A. While adding a new cluster member to the cluster or clicking on Cluster member -> Replication

Domino -> New

B. While creating the cluster or clicking on Environment -> Replication Domino -> New

C. While configuring session management on each cluster member or clicking on Resources ->

Replication Domain -> New

D. The administrative console does not support creation of the Data Replication Domain at this


Answer: B


An administrator is attempting to configure a new deployment of 56 POWER7 Blades across 4 IBM

BladeCenter H chassis. Each blade will be installed with an IVM and 2 LPARs.IVM is installed and the

administrator checks that both LHEA ports are reporting a Link State of “Up.” 2 LPARs are created and the

network traffic balanced by allocating one LHEA port to the first LPAR, the second port to the other. After

successfully installing the first LPAR via NIM, the administrator finds the second LPAR fails to netboot.

What should the administrator verify on the BladeCenter Chassis?

A. That 4 power supplies (PSU) have been installed.

B. That both the external LHEA ports have been cabled.

C. That a secondary I/O module has been installed and cabled.

D. That the Multi-Core Scaling (MCS) attribute is correctly set on both LHEA ports.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator performed a restore using a full system save that was taken from a system running IBM i

7.1 with GO SAVE option 21. The administrator was surprised to discover that no spooled files were restored.

Which action will allow the administrator to restore spooled files at the next restore operation?

A. Set the QSAVSPOOL system value to *YES before the full system save.

B. Set the SPLEDTA parameter to *All for all the output queues using the command CHGOUTQ, before the full system save.

C. On the SAVE menu, before the full system save, select Option 20- Define save system and user data defaults and set “Spooled file data” to *All.

D. On the RESTORE menu, before the full system restore, select Option 20- Define restore system and user data defaults and set “Spooled file data” to *All.

Correct Answer: C