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A solution implementer needs to set the Log Priority of log messages within a WS-MediationPolicy

policy attachment. How can the solution implementer configure the value of Log Priority?

A. Conformance object

B. Policy Parameters object

C. Policy Attachments object

D. Log Priority of the SLM action object

Answer: B



An IBM System x Technical Expert has a prospective customer who is very excited about X5 and

they are working on configurations. During the process the customer has changed the design

numerous times and has significantly increased the scope. They recently selected a Business

Partner who has been involved in the last few design changes. What steps should be taken to

make sure the customer is satisfied with the solution?

A. Turn over current design toTechline to create configurations

B. Perform knowledge transfer of design requirements to Business Partner then disengage

C. Work with business partner to engageTechline to assist with configurations and request

Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA)

D. Work with business partner to engageTechline to create configurations

Answer: C


An administrator with an HMC managed POWER7 system needs to perform a concurrent update to server firmware. Which co-requisites and/or prerequisites should the administrator consider as part of the planning process?

A. Available flash storage on the system FSP

B. IBM i, Licensed Internal Code PTE5, and HMC code level

C. Ability\’ of the HMC to attach to the Internet and the IBM Support ETP site for the download

D. Service window to place the system partitions into restricted state and perform a platform IPL

Correct Answer: B


What XSL construct is BEST used when designing XSL style sheets that can be influenced at


An administrator needs to restore a physical file DATALIB/SMALLFILE from a Save 21 backup of library DATALIB. DATALIB has several hundred large database files plus other objects.

The administrator has the job log and output from the last full save of DATALIB. What should the administrator do to restore SMALLFILE in the shortest time?

A. Run the RST command for object “/QSYS.LIB/DATALIB.LIB/SMALLFILE.FILE”

B. Delete SMALLFILE, run RSTLIB specifying *NEW objects, and specify library DATALIB as the starting library.

C. Run RSTLIB for library DATALIB specifying the position parameter for SMALLFILE in library DATALIB from the output of the save.

D. Run RSTOBJ for DATALIB/SMALLFILE specifying the position and sequence number for SMALLFILE

in library DATALIB from the output of the save. Correct Answer: D