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A p5 570 customer is currently running AIX 5.3. The customer now wants to add Virtual Ethernet

to two of the LPARs. This will enable the application tier can communicate to the database tier

without using an external Ethernet card. What is the best way to accomplish this task?

A. Create a VIO server

B. Modify the LPAR profiles to add a Virtual Ethernet adapter

C. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the HMC

D. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the service

processor menu

Answer: B


A customer has purchased three IBM System Storage DS8700 systems and would like to have their

administrators trained. Which training alternative provides the necessary training with the least financial


A. purchase the training CD for the disk subsystem and have the staff do self-paced training

B. have the IBM Service Support Representative perform the training

C. contact IBM Education Services for an onsite training class

D. send one person at a time to an IBM training session

Correct Answer: C


An organization is implementing the IBM Sterling Order Management application to manage and

fulfill special orders from store kiosks. The technology office wants to use Oracle RAC for a high

performance, highly available solution for the database. Which statement is true about the

capabilities of IBM Sterling Order Management?

A. IBM Sterling Order Management is independent of the database deployment, and can be

installed with any configuration of Oracle RAC.

B. IBM Sterling Order Management can connect to only one instance and since Oracle RAC

involves multiple database instances, it cannot be used.

C. While using Oracle RAC, IBM Sterling Order Management has been certified and tested for

high performance only in a 2-node Oracle RAC configuration.

D. The technology office does not need to make this decision; a better solution for high availability

is to deploy IBM Sterling Order Management in a multi-schema mode.

Answer: C



A customer has a primary (A) and a secondary (B) local data center. Now they plan to setup a third data

center (C) approximately 700 kilometers away. All centers use DS8000. They need to have mission critical

data available and consistent in all three sites. IBM is proposing a Metro Global Mirror solution. Which of

the following licensed functions are required in the secondary (B) local data center machine?.

A. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Volume Copy license

B. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license

C. Metro Global Mirror license, Global Mirror license

D. Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license,FlashCopy license

Correct Answer: B


An administrator is installing Worklight Server on a stand-alone machine in a QA environment and has

already performed the following steps: 1.Created and initialized the Worklight databases 2.Defined and

configured the required application server resources Which additional step must the administrator perform

to use the Worklight Console to verify successful installation?

A. Deploy the Worklight Console adapter file.

B. Install the Worklight sample customization WAR file.


Set the worklight.home JVM custom property to the location of the Worklight Console folder.


Copy the worklight-jee-library.jar file to the application server\’s Worklight library folder.

Correct Answer: B