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After resetting the QSECQER DST/SST password to the default value1 the password is expired and the administrator is unable to change it from the operating system due to security restrictions. How can the password be changed with the least interruption to other users and jobs on the system?

A. IPL the partition in manual mode, change the QSECOFR DST/SST password.

B. Issue a control panel function 21 to activate DST and change the password there.

C. Issue the command CHGDSTPWD again, but also special password expiration override.

D. Use the serial interface and ASMI Admin profile to enable the QSECOFR profile for DST/SST.

Correct Answer: B


Which statement is TRUE about the feature activation codes for an IBM System Storage DS6000 or

DS8000? — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

A. the activation codes are for Copy Services only

B. the activation codes are obtained from a website

C. the activation codes are obtained from the installation CD

D. the activation codes are mailed to you

Correct Answer: B


The ParserAdapter class in SAX2 converts:

A. A DOM2 Parser type to a SAX2 Parser type

B. A SAX2 Parser type to a DOM2 Parser type

C. A SAX1 Parser type to SAX2 XMLReader type

D. A SAX1 Parser type to SAX2 Parser type

E. An InputSource type to SAX2 XMLReader type

Answer: C


A customer has two DS8000 systems in their environment. One DS8000 has FlashCopy licensed while the

other does not. The customer wishes to license FlashCopy on the second DS8000. Which of the following

describes the TDA requirement in this situation?

A. a pre-sale TDA is mandatory

B. a pre-install TDA is mandatory — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

C. a pre-install TDA is not mandatory since it is not FirstIn Customer Location (FICL)

D. both pre-sale and pre-install TDAs are mandatory

Correct Answer: C


After installing a new p5 595, the system performs poorly. Which of the following services would

provide updates needed to fix the problem?

A. Alert

B. Fix Central

C. Software Maintenance

D. Performance Monitoring

Answer: A