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During the TDA, it is determined that Global Mirror will be implemented. The IBM team wants to ensure

that they have enough DS8800 fiber links to handle the mirroring workload. Which tool should be used to

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determine the number of fiber links needed?

A. RMF Magic

B. Capacity Magic

C. Disk Magic

D. PerfMon

Correct Answer: C


Which network protocol does the “Ping Remote” DataPower function use to test network

connectivity to a remote system?




D. Multicast UDP

Answer: C



A solution implementer has been tasked with monitoring a service and filtering requests based on

how long an external backend service takes to respond. The solution implementer has chosen to

use the message duration monitor in the DataPower service. Which “measure” value must the

solution implementer configure to satisfy this requirement?

A. Server

B. Requests

C. Messages

D. Responses

Answer: A



Which Virtual IO Server function allows disk to be shared by multiple LPARs?

A. Virtual LAN

B. Virtual disk

C. Virtual SCSI

D. Virtual serial

Answer: C


A customer is planning to migrate an existing AIX 7 environment from POWER5 hardware to POWER7.

The existing deployment consists of multiple machines, each hosting many LPARs. Due to software

licensing constraints, the new environment must maintain the same number of logical CPUs. The pmcycles

command reports the following on an LPAR on the POWER5 environment:

$ pmcycles -m

CPU 0 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 1 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 2 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 3 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 4 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 5 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 6 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 7 runs at 2198 MHz

How many virtual CPUs should be assigned to the destination LPAR on the POWER7 environment?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 8

Correct Answer: B