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An administrator is planning to upgrade multiple systems and partitions to IBM i 7.1. A network based image will be used to hold the install image with current PTFs.

Which server type is supported with IBM i 7.1 to perform the install?





Correct Answer: B


Which Worklight pre-defined authenticators can be used to secure an application that requires the user to

login with a user ID and password?

A. Form-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

B. Form-based authenticator or Adapter-based authenticator

C. Adapter-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

D. Form-based authenticator, Adapter-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

Correct Answer: B


A customer needs 40 TB for Tier 2 Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) data installed on the System

z/VM. Their current data center is critically short of floor space. Which of the following would satisfy the

customer requirement?

A. a DS5300 withFibre Channel drives

B. an XIV with 15 modules of 1 TB drives

C. a DS5100 with 2 TB SATA drives

D. an XIV with 6 modules of 1 TB drives

Correct Answer: B

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A Power Systems server is configured with a VIO server and several client LPARs. The administrator

wants to use the padmin user to create a script, which will run on the VIO server to back it up to a remote

system. Script output must be collected. How can this be achieved?

A. Create a backup script in /home/padminRun the script redirecting stdout and stderr to a log file

B. Create a backup script in /usr/ios/cliRun “crontab -e root” to configure root to run it and redirect the


C. Create a backup script in /home/padminUse ssh from a remote system to run the script and capture the

output on the remote system.

D. Create a backup script in /usr/ios/cliUse the “script” command in the shell program, to collect the


Correct Answer: C


A company wants to implement disaster recovery (DR) between a 9004/9235 appliance and a

9005/7199 appliance. The company is also considering the inclusion of a DR-enabled XI52 virtual

appliance in the plan. The following conditions apply: ?The source and target hardware appliances

are located in geographically dispersed data centers. ?The firmware level is V5.0.0.x on the

appliances, and the appliances and licenses are compatible. ?Both appliances have a different set

of users that need to be merged on the restore. ?The source appliance has been initialized with

disaster recovery mode and is to be securely backed up and restored on to the target appliance.

Which one of the following statements is TRUE and allows the solution implementer to meet these


A. Only the source appliance must be set to disaster recovery mode for the secure restore to be


B. The secure backup from the 9005 physical appliance can be restored on the virtual appliance

since they are both 9005 implementations.

C. After the secure restore, the users that were defined on the target appliance must be manually

configured or imported from apreviously-exported configuration.

D. Merge the contents of the source appliance with the target appliance by NOT selecting the

“overwrite” option when prompted, which will mergethe users on the target appliance.

Answer: C