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An application needs to log into an existing backend with the fields username, password, pin code and

account number. Which set of actions does the developer need to take in addition to creating a custom

Java Authenticator?


– Use the auth.js as is to display the login form- Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Create client-

side authentication components


– Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Configure the worklight.properties- Create client-side

authentication components

C. – Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Create a custom Java Login Module- Create client-side

authentication components

D. – Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Create a custom Java Login Module- Use the auth.js as is to

display the login form

Correct Answer: C


During analysis, a developer working in the retail industry is told that the following entities and

relationships exist:

– an invoice contains one or more line items

– a line item is for a quantity of a product

– a product has a unique identifier, a name, and a price

– a type of product can be sold as part of many invoices

Which of the following is the BEST representation of this set of requirements?

A. <Invoice lineltemQuantity=


What is the purpose of the Virtual Asynchronous Services Interface (VASI) during Live Partition Mobility?

A. It is used by the Hypervisor to determine the placement of the mobile partition\’s threads.

B. It is used by the Mover Service Partition to communicate with the Hypervisor.

C. It is used to direct the Hypervisor\’s placement of the mobile partition\’s memory tables.

D. It is used by the Hypervisor to coordinate the I/O movement between the Virtual I/O Servers.

Correct Answer: B


A partition that uses an LHEA for network connectivity needs to be moved to another managed system.

The administrator has the LHEA configured in an Etherchannel with a virtual Ethernet adapter as the

backup adapter. When attempting to perform the migration using the Migration Wizard, it fails. What is

necessary for the migration to be successful?

A. The HMC command line interface needs to be used to perform the migration.

B. The migration must be initiated from the opertaing systems of the mobile partition.

C. The LHEA must be removed from the Etherchannel before the migration.

D. The destination server does not have an LHEA available for the migration.

Correct Answer: B


A customer is installing a new POWER7 server with IBM i as the host partition for three additional IBM i

partitions. The server has just one 4 port Ethernet card.

The administrator needs to achieve IP connectively for all four partitions.

What should the administrator do?

A. Purchase additional Ethernet cards for the client partitions.

B. Connect each partition to one of the ports on the 4 port Ethernet card.

C. On the hosting partition, create a bridge using one of the ports of the Ethernet card to a virtual Ethernet network. Connect each of the client partitions to the virtual Ethernet network.

D. Connect each partition to a virtual network.Configure IP on each client partition to use the host partition as an IP gateway.Add routes to the corporate router pointing to the host partition as the gateway to the client partitions.

Correct Answer: C