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A retailer wants to sell an item for a unit price of $100 for a single unit. If a customer orders three

or more of the item then the item needs to be sold for a price of $90. How can this be modeled in

the IBM Sterling and Selling Fulfillment Suite?

A. Configure a Quantity Tier under the price list line for the Price List in the IBM Sterling Business


B. Configure an Absolute Adjustment under the price list line for the Price List in the IBM Sterling

Business Center.

C. Configure the price adjustment under Mass Adjust Prices for the Price List in the IBM Sterling

Business Center.

D. Configure a quantity-based tiered pricing adjustment under Adjust Prices for the Price List in

the IBM Sterling Business Center.

Answer: A



A client has bought an IBM System Storage DS8000 and needs to attach a Sun Solaris Host with 2 HBAs

via one fabric to 4 I/O ports on the DS8000. The client needs redundant paths to the volumes on the

DS8000. What is the maximum number of volumes that can be used on the Solaris host?

A. 256

B. 512

C. 1024

D. 2048

Correct Answer: C


Which option is a pattern provided by Platform Services Adoption Pattern?

A. Network Deployment and Management

B. Security Infrastructure and Management

C. Hardware Deployment and Management

D. Middleware Deployment and Management

Answer: D


A customer has purchased three IBM System Storage DS8700 systems and would like to have their

administrators trained. Which training alternative provides the necessary training with the least financial


A. purchase the training CD for the disk subsystem and have the staff do self-paced training

B. have the IBM Service Support Representative perform the training

C. contact IBM Education Services for an onsite training class

D. send one person at a time to an IBM training session

Correct Answer: C


While installing the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite in the GUI mode, the installation fails

with an error indicating a user permission issue on the database schema. On researching the

issue, it is discovered that the user has not been granted “CREATE TABLE” permission on the

schema. The database administrator who can provide access is not accessible until the end of the

week. Which statement is true regarding the application installation procedure?

A. The installation has to be rerun from the beginning after the permission has been granted to the


B. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite should be re-installed with the option to use the

database bundled along with it.

C. The installation can be run in a mode such that it does not connect to the database and the

database scripts can be run later when thepermission issue is resolved.

D. Since the issue is only a permissions issue, the installation can be run with a parameter in the

silent file so it would ignore such errors andcomplete the installation successfully.

Answer: C