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Which security capability is needed to prevent issues related to administrative users sharing login

credentials to access sensitive applications and data?

A. Personnel Security Protection

B. Security Access Management

C. Privileged Identity Management

D. Federated Identity Management

Answer: C



Companycom is considering a partitioned solution with one of the LPARs utilizing 12 CPUs.

Multiple applications will be loaded on this large LPAR. However, the customer wants to ensure

some tasks will have higher priority access to the CPU and memory resources. Which of the

following solutions would best satisfy the requirement?

A. Loadleveler

B. AIX Workload Manager

C. Partition Load Manager

D. Tivoli Provisioning Manager

Answer: B


A system administrator is having problems starting the application server (server1) Which log files

should be checked to et more information about the problem?

A. SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log under \logs\server1


B. SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log under \profiles\<profiles


C. Log.txt and startWerver.log under \logs directory

D. Log.txt and startServer.log under system temp directory

Answer: B


Given the following JSESSIONID=000A2ABM41JozU_VM8IffsMNfdR:v544d0o0, what cluster

member (clone ID) would this HTTP request be routed to?

A. 000A2

B. 0000A2AB

C. v544d0o0

D. Route cannot be determined from the above information

Answer: C


What are the two ways in which multi4enancy can be enabled by the network in cloud computing?

(Choose two.)

A. Virtual Local Area Network

B. Virtual Routing and Forwarding

C. Separation of data and OS in provisioned Virtual Machines (VMs)

D. Separation of virtual disks assigned to each VM

E. Separate networks for the Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage

Answer: A,B