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When displaying native modal controls, the developer creates the following Worklight Common Control


Assuming that the functions dialogYes, dialogNo and dialogHelp are properly defined, what is expected to

happen when this snippet is executed on a real device?

A. The snippet will work as expected.

B. The snippet will fail because it is missing the mandatory options parameter.


The snippet will fail to execute because WL.SimpleDialog does not support 3 or more buttons.


The snippet will work on iOS and BlackBerry, but it will only show buttons Yes and No for Android and

Windows Phone 7 (Mango).

Correct Answer: A


A BPM application developer is asked to include the process instance id, in the subject of an

activity, so that it appears when the task is shown in a user\’s portal inbox. To accomplish this type

of display, which one of these Javascript API calls does the BPM application developer need to



B. tw.process.instanceId

C. tw.system.process.instanceId

D. tw.system.local.process.instanceId

Answer: C


A company has a large customer database with over 100,000 entries, which will be processed as

an XML document. The marketing and retail groups need to be able to use these entries in a

variety of ways, such as by region or specific customer telephone number. There may be

unforeseen ways to search the entries in the future. Given these requirements, which of the

following is the BEST approach to achieve good performance?

A. Define id() functions for the different entry perspectives.

B. Define id() functions, one for each customer entry.

C. Define key() functions for the different entry perspectives.

D. Define key() functions, one for each customer entry.

Answer: C


Which statement is true about non-functional requirements?

A. They are dictated by vendor hardware and software.

B. They include extensibility and security requirements.

C. They are predominately concerned with choosing the right hardware.

D. They do not include business requirements only technical requirements.

Answer: B



What is the correct order to create an object in a new IBM System Storage DS8000 to get a LUN provided

to a host?

A. rank, array, extent pool, volumes, volume group, host connections

B. rank, array, extent pool, volume group, volumes, host connections

C. array, rank, extent pool, volume group, volumes, host connections

D. array, extent pool, volumes, rank, volume group, host connections

Correct Answer: C