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A customer wants to collect performance data from a newly installed IBM System Storage DS8700 to

determine if the system meets expected benchmarks using their application test data. Which tool best

gathers the performance data?

A. IBM DS Storage Manager

B. Tivoli Storage Resource Manager

C. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

Correct Answer: C


What is a major benefit for using LHEA instead of an SEA?

A. 802.11Q support

B. 64 MAC addresses

C. Reduced networking configuration

D. Logical port throttling

Correct Answer: C


An administrator needs to update a legacy VIO server (VIOS) partition from version 1.5 to the most current

version. The rootvg of the VIOS server is presented from SAN and is managed using the SDDPCM


Which of the following must be considered?

A. The latest version of SDDPCM should be included in the NIM lppsource for the upgrade.

B. The IBM supplied scripts and procedures should be followed in order to migrate VIOS with SDDPCM.

C. SDDPCM is now included in AIX 6. Upgrading of the package will occur automatically.

D. SDDPCM must be upgraded immediately before the VIOS migration.

Correct Answer: B


A Customer has a proprietary server deployment solution that uses a combination of disk imaging

and application pushing technology. They need to get a working Windows 2003 image for their

new servers as soon as possible for deployment with their provisioning system. Which of the

following methods can achieve this?

A. Install Windows 2003 using the F6 supply Mass Storage Controller option

B. Replace Customers deployment solution with Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment

Director Edition

C. UseServerGuide to install Windows 2003

D. Deploy Customers existing image and useUXSPi to update IBM specific drivers

Answer: C


A file named XYZ is secured as follows in the graphic below. What authorities will AUSER have to file XYZ?



C. *USE Object Management

D. * CH

Correct Answer: D