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Given the output below from the EDTOBJTAUT (Edit Object Authority) command, what does it mean when the *PUBLIC authority for that object is set to *AUTL?

A. Only the users on the AGILE list can access the object.

B. The \’PUBLIC object authority is obtained from the AGILE \’PUBLIC authority.

C. The “PUBLIC object authority is the same as the AGILE owner\’s “PUBLIC authority.

D. A user with authorization list management permissions has object management permissions

Correct Answer: B


Which special authority is required to install PTF5 on a system with the QSECURITY system value set to 40?





Correct Answer: A


During frequent communications failure hundreds of jobs are being ended at once. The production of these job logs significantly impact the system resources, and many spooled files are created. How could the administrator avoid the production of these job logs?

A. Set the QINACTMSGQ system value to *NOJOBLOG

B. Set the QCMNRCYLMT system value to infinite recovery attempts.

C. Set the LOGOUTPUT (Job log output) parameter to *PND in the job description.

D. Set the LOG (Message logging) parameter to 4 0 *NOLIST in the job description.

Correct Answer: C


A system with IBM i 7.1 has at least one lPv6 address configured. When a user tries to ping a remote system by name, the response takes a long time. Ping by IP address (for example 10.x.x.x) works without delay.

Which action will fix this problem?

A. Use the command CHGTCPDMN and set the parameter HOSTSCHPTY to *LOCAL.

B. Use the command CHGTCPDMN and set the parameter HOSTSCHPTY to *REMOTE.

C. Update the Host Table Entries and add a IPv4 for that remote system name.

D. Change the ping command default as follows: CHGCMDDFT CMD(PING) NEWDFT(ADRVERFMT (*IP4))

Correct Answer: D


What is the term for accurately defining the loading conditions under which the target test items

must operate within their target configuration environment?

A. test scheduling

B. hardware sizing

C. workload analysis

D. threat modeling

Answer: C