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An administrator wants to ensure a job on the scheduler is ignored if the system is in a restricted state at the time it is scheduled to run. What change will make this occur?

A. Change the recovery action of the job schedule entry to *NOSBM.

B. Change the user profile on the job schedule entry to QRECOVERY.

C. Change the frequency option of the job schedule entry to *ACTIVE.

D. Use the option on the WRKJQBSCDE screen for “hold when restricted.”

Correct Answer: A


A fashion retailer would like to start taking pre-orders for an upcoming new line of merchandise.

Orders get stamped with the advertised release date of the merchandise. To prevent spurious

procurements from being triggered, the retailer wants the orders to be sourced only a few days

ahead of the inventory being available. Which option will address this requirement?

A. The orders should be put on a scheduling hold, and the hold released a few days before the

advertised product release date.

B. The scheduling rule can have a lead day of \’X\’ days configured so orders will be scheduled only

that many days ahead of the advertisedrelease date.

C. The scheduling rule can be configured to retry every \’X\’ hours so the orders will remain

backordered until the advertised release date of theproduct is reached.

D. The order can have an expected ship date way out in the future (like 1/1/2100) so the

scheduling agent will not pick up these orders. Theexpected ship date can then be changed a few

days before inventory becomes available.

Answer: B



Companycom has a p690 server with unused fiber (HBA) host bus adapters (feature code 6228)

that they would like to reuse. They are interested in implementing Advanced Power Virtualization

features particularly Virtual IO. What is the best way to proceed?

A. Upgrade the p690 to a p5 590 server running AIX 5.3

B. Upgrade the p690 server to AIX 5.3 and implement Advanced Power Virtualization

C. Purchase a p5 590 with minimum resources and simply reuse the p690 unused fiber HBA


D. Purchase a p5 590 that has all the needed resources and adapters for Advanced Power


Answer: D


Which of the following would NOT qualify as a


Companycom is purchasing a p5 590 which was configured with 60 Amp line cords. They have

just indicated that their large datacenter is already wired for 100 Amp power circuits in the

location where the server will be installed. What would be the recommended action?

A. Use the 60 Amp line cords

B. Change the 100 Amp connector to a 60 Amp circuit

C. Submit an RPQ to order the p5 590 with 100 Amp power cords

D. Change the configuration and order the p5 590 with the 100 Amp power cords

Answer: D