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A new IBM i system is being set up as an FTP host for downloads. The administrator sees that the devices connect properly, but the directory commands fail and IFS files cannot be downloaded.

What can the administrator do to correct the problem?

A. Change the FTP server\’s initial name format to *PATH.

B. Change the file extension so that it is properly translated.

C. Grant *PEAD authority for the files to the QTFTP user profile.

D. Change the CCSID of the files from 65535 to the correct number for the region.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION NO:7

Due to an application problem, management has requested the IPL of a partition running IBM i 7.1. The administrator initiates the IPL, and during the restart phase notices the IPL is running in manual mode even though the HMC partition settings indicate B NORMAL.

Why is the IPL running in manual mode?

A. The PWRDWNSYS command restart parameter is set to *MANUAL.

B. Manual is the default IPL mode when there is a console problem.

C. The QIPLTYPE system value is set to “Attended IPL, Console in debug mode”.

D. Manual is the default IPL mode when the previous system end indicator is abnormal.

Correct Answer: C


In IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite Resource Hierarchy, how is the default search view

determined when there are many search views for an entity?

A. the search view that was created first

B. the search view that was created last

C. the search view with the lowest resource sequence number

D. the search view with the highest resource sequence number

Answer: C



An administrator is upgrading 5 partitions on a single system to a new IBM i release.

The IBM i partitions share a tape library configured with one drive per partition. There is one DVD drive on the system shared by the all the partitions.

The maintenance window is long enough to upgrade at most one partition using DVD media. Which approach allows the administrator to complete all the upgrades within the maintenance window?

A. Build an image catalog with the distribution media, and copy to all partitions.Install each partition from its image catalog image.

B. Build an image catalog on a Linux PC, and share it with NES to all partitions.Concurrently update all the partitions using network install to the virtualized image catalog.

C. Build an image catalog with the distribution media on one partition.Save the directory with the DVD images to tapes so there is one tape for each partition. Use an alternate IPL device to install from the tapes.

D. Concurrently IPL all partitions in “D” mode to the DVD drive in shared mode.When all the partitions complete using one DVD and prompt for the next one, insert the next DVD in the drive and respond to the prompts.

Correct Answer: A


When a subsystem is created using the CRTSBSD command, what is the purpose of the ASP Group (ASPGRP) parameter?

A. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group that contains the library for the secondary language

B. Specifies the initial setting for the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group name for the jobs running in this subsystem description

C. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group to be included in the library name space of the subsystem monitor job

D. Specifies the names of the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) groups that may be added to the jobs running in this subsystem description using the SETASPGRP command

Correct Answer: C