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A system administrator is restoring a saved library LIBA on the same system where it was saved several months ago, using the RSTLIB command with the Allow Object Differences (ALWOBJDIE) parameter set to *ALL.

The original library LIBA has changed since it was last saved. Several original files now have different authorization lists, and many new objects have been added. After the restore, the administrator observed that some restored files have two versions, FILEx and FILEx0001.

Which setting of the ALWOBJDIF parameter will avoid this problem?





Correct Answer: D


A customer is planning an IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 environment

which includes a WebSEAL instance. What are three considerations for this

implementation? (Choose three.)

A. authentication type

B. authorization server location

C. stateful junctions requirements

D. junctions created as SMTP or TCP

E. administration type (pdadmin or WPM)

F. junction type (standard, virtualhost, transparent)

Answer: A,C,F



A customer has a wide range of IBM enterprise disk systems and wants to manage copy services

functions. Which of the following products should the storage specialist recommend to this customer?

A. DS Hardware Management Console (HMC), because it manages ESS 800, DS6000, DS8000, and

SVC storage servers

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data, because it manages ESS 800, DS6000, DS8000, and SVC

storage servers


Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication, because it manages ESS 800, DS6000, DS8000,

and SVC storage servers

D. External DS Hardware Management Console (HMC), because it manages ESS 800, DS6000, DS8000,

and SVC storage servers

Correct Answer: C


A customer business requirement addresses data encryption implemented in tape and disk media. They

plan to deploy a DS8700 to provide enterprise class storage and plan to configure the DS8700 with SSD

and Fiber Channel disk drives. Which statement is TRUE regarding disk encryption?

A. SSD disk encryption does not consume space

B. SSD disk is faster than FC disk for encryption

C. no space is wasted due to encryption on DS8700

D. there is higher processor utilization using FDE drives

Correct Answer: C


A retail customer has a database application that is accessed by a large number of people through

a web interface from multiple remote locations. Which of the following questions will provide the

information necessary to design the best performing storage solution?

A. How many web servers will be connected to the database?

B. How many concurrent applications will run against the database?

C. How many concurrent users will be accessing the database?

D. What are the types of transactions run against the database?

Answer: D