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An administrator has a new, local, IP-based printer that is not communicating with the system. Ping is successful using the printer IP address and the printer name, and response time is acceptable. Users can print from Windows.

What should the administrator do next to troubleshoot the printer?

A. Verify that there is a route configured to the printer.

B. Use the TRACEROUTE command to find where the connection fails.

C. Verify that the printer address is correcting the HOSTS table on the system.

D. Display the printer device description to confirm that the correct port has been configured.

Correct Answer: D


A buyer sends details of an order in the form of a flat file. A developer needs to create a service

that will read this flat file and, based on its contents, transform it into XML to create an order in the

IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite. Which nodes does the developer need to create for this


A. FTP, Text Translator, and API

B. File I/O, XSL Translator, and DB

C. File I/O, Text Translator, XSL Translator, and API

D. File I/O, Text Translator, XSL Translator, API, and DB

Answer: C



An administrator is installing Worklight Server on a stand-alone machine in a QA environment and has

already performed the following steps: 1.Created and initialized the Worklight databases 2.Defined and

configured the required application server resources Which additional step must the administrator perform

to use the Worklight Console to verify successful installation?

A. Deploy the Worklight Console adapter file.

B. Install the Worklight sample customization WAR file.


Set the worklight.home JVM custom property to the location of the Worklight Console folder.


Copy the worklight-jee-library.jar file to the application server\’s Worklight library folder.

Correct Answer: B


The DNS server was updated with the new IP address of a remote system. Whenever the administrator tries to connect to the remote system from the local system, they are unable to do so.

Which action will resolve this issue with the least disruption to the network?

A. Remove the host route for the old IP address.

B. Run the CHGTCPDMN command to clear DNS cache.

C. Clear the APP cache on the administrator\’s PC.

D. Add a route with *NEXTHOP specified as the remote system name.

Correct Answer: B


Which Worklight pre-defined authenticators can be used to secure an application that requires the user to

login with a user ID and password?

A. Form-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

B. Form-based authenticator or Adapter-based authenticator

C. Adapter-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

D. Form-based authenticator, Adapter-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

Correct Answer: B