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Given the output below from the EDTOBJTAUT (Edit Object Authority) command, what does it mean when the *PUBLIC authority for that object is set to *AUTL?

A. Only the users on the AGILE list can access the object.

B. The \’PUBLIC object authority is obtained from the AGILE \’PUBLIC authority.

C. The “PUBLIC object authority is the same as the AGILE owner\’s “PUBLIC authority.

D. A user with authorization list management permissions has object management permissions

Correct Answer: B


A customer has an existing IBM System Storage DS8700 2-way model with 8 mega packs of 300 GB disks

and 16 fibre ports. How many additional fibre ports and mega packs can be installed in the base frame?

A. 16fibre ports and 0 mega packs

B. 4fibre ports and 8 mega packs

C. 8fibre ports and 4 mega packs

D. 12fibre ports and 0 mega packs

Correct Answer: A


A customer has multiple applications on multiple open platforms in their current environment based on IBM

System Storage DS8100. They plan to set up a business continuity solution that meets the objective of

zero or little data loss for their business critical data. The customer has indicated that cost is a factor.

What should the storage specialist recommend?


a DS8700 in the Business Continuity site with a Metro Mirror license


a DS8700 with SAN Volume Controller in the Business Continuity site

C. a DS8700 in the Business Continuity site with Global Copy license

D. two new DS5300 servers (production and Business Continuity site) with a Global Copy license

Correct Answer: A


A customer has a data source configured at the cell scope with the Maximum connections set to


Which of the following statements is valid about the connections?

A. The sum of all JDBC client connections in the cell are bounded by 10 connections

B. If the server is a cluster member, then it cannot have more than 10 connections

C. Each server in the cell can have a maximum of 10 connections

D. All the servers in the cell cannot exceed a maximum of 10 connections

Answer: C


The solution implementer configured a multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to process

WebSphere MQ messages using the same MQ queue manager object for both the front end and

back end. A request rule in the processing policy sends a message to queue A and then to queue

B in a single transaction by using a “Result Action”. The MQ URL for the back end contains the

“Transactional=true” tag. The output type of the “Result Actions” is set as “Binary” and the

OUTPUT context has a named variable. What are the additional configuration options that the

solution implementer needs to guarantee message delivery for both back-end queues?

Specifically, if any one message fails, the entire transaction will roll back.

A. Configure two phase commit in the backend WebSphere MQ queue manager.

B. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = off ” in the MQ queue manager object.

C. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = on”; “Backout Threshold” and

“Backout Queue” defined in the MQ queue managerobject.

D. DataPower cannot support this use case as an MQ queue manager object only works with

global transactionality.

Answer: C