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How does Worklight handle globalization of application messages?

A. It uses a user-provided JavaScript file.

B. It uses language-specific XML resources.

C. It uses a system-provided globalization file.

D. It uses a native language translation library.

Correct Answer: A


For which of the following would a developer select the SAX API over the DOM API?

A. Resolving element cross-references.

B. Outputting content in the order it appears.

C. Randomly accessing information in the document.

D. Searching for a particular text string in an element.

Answer: B, D


Which command is used to turn off the front panel attention light for an IBM i partition?

A. WRKPRB (Work Problem)

B. STRSST (Start System Service Tools)

C. RSTATNIND (Reset Attention Indicator)

D. DSPMSG QSYSOPR (Display Messages on QSYSOPR message queue)

Correct Answer: B


A hybrid mobile application named App1 is failing to connect to the Worklight Server with the following

error code: “Application Error – The connection to the server was unsuccessful” Knowing that the

application should be available at “” but without any access to the Worklight

Console, how can the support engineer ensure that the application App1 has been properly deployed?

A. Query the is-alive URL at “”

B. Query the preview URL at “”

C. Invoke the Worklight Server Mobile Browser Simulator


D. Use a remote debugging tool such as Weinre or iWebInspector to inspect the request to the

application\’s init resource at”” — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

Correct Answer: A


An audit requires a listing of programs that inherit authority greater than the authority of the submitting user. Which option in the Securely Tools menu will accomplish the task?

A. Option 21 – Adopting objects

B. Option 38- Object authority

C. Option 40 – Program authority

D. Option 42- User profile authority

Correct Answer: A