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A developer is comparing a Configuration schema from the Test environment with a Configuration

schema from the Production environment using the Configuration Deployment Tool (CDT). Some

Master tables, such as YFS_CUSTOMER and YFS_USER, do not exist in either the source or

target schema. The CDT throws “table not found” errors. Which command enables the CDT to

ignore the missing tables?

A. ydk.sh -IgnoreMasterTables Y

B. ydk.sh -IgnoreMissingTables Y

C. ydk.sh -IgnoreTablesNotFound Y

D. ydk.sh -IgnoreMasterTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

E. ydk.sh -IgnoreMissingTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

Answer: B



An AIX LPAR has been reconfigured to use direct-attached disks. What is the best way to fully

remove and delete the Virtual IO volumes?

A. On the AIX LPAR: rmdev -dl hdisk#, rmdev -dl vscsi#

B. On the VIO Server: rmdev -dev rootvg_disk, rmlv rootlv_name

C. On the AIX LPAR: rmdev -dl hdisk#, rmdev -dl vscsi# On the VIO Server: rmdev -dev

rootvg_disk, rmlv rootlv_name

D. On the VIO Server: rmdev -dev rootvg_disk, rmlv rootlv_name On the AIX LPAR: rmdev -dl

hdisk#, rmdev -dl vscsi#

Answer: C


A system administrator is making sure that the SSL communications between the plug-in and the

application server are as secure as possible. While configuring SSL for the plug-in what steps

should be taken to ensure the BEST possible security?

A. Replace the private key

B. Replace the plugin-key kdb file

C. Remove the public key

D. Remove the DummyKeyring kdb file

Answer: B


A BPM application developer is creating a General System Service that calls an Integration

Service. The General System Service must handle exceptions coming from the integration

service. How should the BPM application developer implement error handling?

A. Error End Event

B. Error Intermediate Event

C. Throw Statement(s)

D. Try/Catch Statement(s)

Answer: B


The solution implementer is testing a new service and finds that the client is receiving a soap fault

response during the test.

The default-log shows the following:

What conclusion can the solution implementer determine by analyzing and interpreting the above


A. Parsing began on the message and failed due to mismatched XML tag.

B. Parsing of the URL began and too much memory was used when the request started.

C. The connection was terminated due to a client IP address parsing problem.

D. The connection did not reuse a persistent connection and triggered a parse error on the


Answer: A